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in art studio with florida MA ART

Markanthony R. Little, also known as "MA," is a renowned contemporary artist based in Florida, known for his multidisciplinary approach that combines photography, painting, printing, drawing, and collage techniques. With a powerful use of colors, unique brushwork, and multi-layered techniques, MA's thought-provoking art creates genuine emotional content that captivates collectors worldwide.

As a leading artist in the current art market, Markanthony R. Little's work has been showcased in solo art shows, group art shows, hotels, and large-scale public art installations, including his participation in Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami for 2 consecutive years. His diverse body of work and unique style have made a significant impact on the contemporary art landscape, alongside collaborations with established and emerging artists.

MA's preferred mediums include charcoal, chalk, aerosol, and watercolor, which he skillfully crafts on wood canvas, integrating a variety of paper such as foreign newspapers and architectural blueprints. Inspired by his personal conflicts, progress, music, and fashion, MA combines the realism of the human experience with abstract depictions, resulting in captivating and awe-inspiring artwork that stands out in the art world.

Markanthony R. Little's talent and creativity have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a top-tier artist. His bold and dynamic works, unique style, skillful craftsmanship, and artistic detail set him apart in the art world. With his emerging impact on the current art market, Markanthony R. Little's contributions to the art world are significant and undeniable, making him a sought-after artist for collectors and art enthusiasts alike

earl is by florida artist MA Art
MA Art created this art work titled Santa Anita
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