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Believe: The Inspiring Story Behind Foster's Barbershop Mural

Updated: Jun 13

blank wal getting ready for a mural
The Start Of the Mural

Art projects are always special, but the mural at Foster's Barbershop in West Tampa is truly exceptional. This barbershop on Main Street is not just a place to get a haircut, but also a hub for community and life lessons.

Ben, the passionate owner of Foster's Barbershop, is a true gem. Beyond his expertise as a barber, Ben possesses a remarkable creative spirit. Our collaboration gave birth to a captivating botanical mural, with the empowering message of "BELIEVE." This mural not only enhances the barbershop's ambiance but also serves as a beacon of positivity for all who enter its doors for years to come.

Ben's dedication to his establishment knows no bounds. The Foster's Barbershop mural serves not only as a testament as a beacon of communal solidarity and collective faith in the transformative power of creativity and connection. 

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