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Transform Your Space with A Mural Designs Now!

Updated: Jan 12

Let’s make your creative visions come to life! I am committed to guiding you through the process of creating a timeless aesthetic that truly reflects your vision. Whether you're looking to enhance the ambiance of your restaurant, captivate attention with eye-catching signage, or transform your home office, our murals are meticulously tailored to meet your unique and specific needs. Your satisfaction and a personalized touch are at the heart of our creative journey together.


  • Indoor and outdoor murals

  • Custom mural designs

  • Collaborative projects with clients


The timeframe for design completion varies, spanning from 2 to 4 days depending on the design's complexity. Design services are priced at a flat rate of $200, inclusive of two permissible changes. Any additional alterations beyond the initial two will incur a fee of $50 each. All payments made for design services will be credited towards the overall project cost.


The baseline cost for all murals starts at $1000. The overall mural expenses fluctuate, influenced by several key factors: Cost Range $20-30 Per Sq

  • Quality of Materials Used: This includes considerations such as the type of paint (spray paint, latex paint), clear coats, primers/sealers, and their respective quality.

  • Equipment Needs: The necessity for equipment like scaffolding, lifts, masking materials, sprayers, and other tools impacts the overall cost.

  • Wall Preparation: Inspect surface, clean, prime, choose quality materials, layout design, protect surroundings, ready equipment, consider weather, prioritize safety.

  • Complexity of Design: Factors such as the amount of detail, number of colors, style, and size contribute to the complexity of the design, influencing the overall cost of the mural.

Turn your ideas into vibrant realities! Contact MA today to discuss your project, and together, we'll create a unique masterpiece that speaks to you. Don't miss the chance to bring your imagination to life – click here to get started!

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