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Book Smart

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

“Book Smart” by Florida-based artist Markanthony R Little (MA Art) delves into personal experiences and offers a satirical approach to the conventional “Street Smart” concept. The artwork represents the challenges of raising an ethnic boy as a single father in today's complex social environment.

The piece highlights the significance of intangible knowledge gained through interpreting social cues and navigating interactions. This unconventional approach to learning contrasts with traditional methods of lectures and obedience, ultimately leading to a necessary balance between the two.

The artwork features Roosevelt C. Little, portrayed as a classically innocent figure, donning a Peter Pan-collared shirt crafted from a collage of newspapers sourced from various Asian nations. The struggles of his upbringing are depicted through his overalls and the subdued color palette. The background features wood, representing both luxury and the rawness of life, providing hope for the soulfully illustrated subject's future.

MA Arts painting called book smart is a masterpeice
Book Smart By MA ART

Markanthony R little

Artist , MA ART



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