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PRESS RELEASE -September 7 2018

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Tampa Bay-BASED ARTIST Markanthony R Little - large-scale three-piece mural featured in The Port Tampa Bay Cruise Terminal 6

For Immediate Release September 7 2018

Tampa, FL, Sep. 7 / "Trade Routes" is a grand scale abstract rendition of Tampa's early maps showcasing trade by boat throughout Tampa Bay. Combining original vision and history, visual artist Markanthony R Little manages to put together a thought-provoking image reminiscent of Tampa's thriving industry in its early stages.

public art commission for Port Tampa Bay
Public Art for Port Tampa Bay

The large-scale three-piece mural located inside The Port Tampa Bay Cruise Terminal 6, home to Royal Caribbean, pays homage to Tampa's maritime trade avenues incorporates actual historic maps showing notable neighborhoods and ports. The contrast between the geometry of the maps and the abstract portrayal of the ships is brought together by the classic tones of Markanthony's color choice. This thought-provoking painting brings attention to the city's glorious past while nodding toward its future.

Markanthony Little has become a recognizable name in Tampa's art community with a unique and personal perspective that is consistent with his attitude toward hard work. Markanthony's visual style is bold and subtle simultaneously. Seamlessly weaving earth tones and vibrant color, his work captures the texture of life while hinting at elements of the imagination.

Port Tampa Bay Mural at Florida artist MA ART studio
In artist studio working on mural

Having had his art featured all over Tampa Bay in major venues like The Rialto Theater and Amelie Arena, Markanthony has also had his work displayed at the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, The Tampa Art Museum, and has donated art to numerous local charities including the Children's Cancer Center. His brand MA Art is highlighted by his signature color palette and use of unorthodox objects to paint. This ambitious piece focuses on the industrious roots of Tampa Bay's early economy in an innovative and beautiful way.

Markanthony R Little


Tampa / Orlando / Miami


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