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Top five steps to choosing the right markets

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Are you considering selling your art in local craft or farmers markets in 2024? Here are five top tips to help choose a craft fair/ market in your local area. The following tips will help increase sales and visibility as an artist without committing to a gallery or a brick and mortar store.

1. Do Your Research

The best way to start is looking at markets online. Look up craft fairs and markets in your area on social media platforms and websites. Take notes when reading their descriptions. Where is the location? What are the dates of the market? What is the accessibility and parking situation?

2. The Vendors

Who else is going to be at the market? Do you have competition? Is it a good mixture of vendors? It’s important that your art fits the overall vibe of the market so that you can be competitive.

3. The Event Promoter

As part of your research, look at the marketing and the marketing budget. Are they proactive? Is it a well advertised event? This will help in your own personal marketing and to discern the value of the booth space.

4. Ask Questions

Don’t be scared to ask questions. Send the promoter/organizer an email or message through their social media platform. Ask for more information about logistics, the audience, the market layout etc.This also allows you to see how the Promoter/organizer interacts with you, are they approachable, friendly, and easy to communicate with? Having a good relationship with the organizer will make for an all-around smoother and more pleasant experience. Asking the right questions and building relationships may lead you to bigger events.

5. Visit the Market

The next step is to go there in person. Not only is visiting a market a great way to find out everything there is to know but it’s also a good excuse to make a day of it with friends and family! Chat with the vendors and try to meet the market promoter/organizer. Scooping out the venue will provide you with a wealth of knowledge regarding demographics, foot traffic, parking, vendor set up, and ultimately deciding if the craft fair/market is worth the financial investment.

Art markets are about more than just the sales. They are a great advertising opportunity! You’ll meet potential collectors and showcase your art. They might purchase during an art fair/market or they may do so in the future. Following these tips will provide a long-term strategy for your art business to grow!

In conclusion, don’t give up after just one event!

Give the market at least three tries before deciding whether you want to continue doing it (unless something catastrophic happens to make you not return!). We can all have a bad day! Sometimes the weather or time of year can affect sales, but remember that the market goers need to trust you and the best way to do this is by showing up on a regular basis

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